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Weld Central Middle School Staff


If you need to contact any of the staff listed below, please click on


Your concern, question or comments will be given to the appropriate staff member. 
Thank you for your continued support of our staff!



   Administration/Front Office 
Arroyo, Victoria Health Paraprofessional
Damour, Deanna Instructional Coach 
Formolo, Rachael Front Office Manager
Gallegos, Courtney Data Secretary/Registrar 
Holloway, Roy Assistant Principal
Lindstrom, Deb Student Support Coordinator
 Schriner, Jeremy Principal
Shortt, Allie Media Manager/Office Paraprofessional
Slayback,  Luke Counselor 
Bolton, Cameron Music
Curtis, Emma Agriculture
Duncan, Terran Physical Education 
Jefcoat, Eric STEM/Digital Media
Mahoney, Jessica Art
Pryor, Courtney Physical Education  
Romero, Daria Band/Choir 
 English Language Arts
 Kleynenberg, Lisa 6th Grade 
Adams, Ashleigh 7th Grade  
Garcia, Crystal 7th Grade  
Dornbos, Brenna 8th Grade 
Montano-Meadows, Audrey   8th Grade    
Lindenberg, Scott 6th Grade  
Romito, Diane 6th Grade  
Contreras, Nicole 7th Grade  
Lavery, Amanda 7th Grade
Colabello, Jacquin 8th Grade  
Powers, Stacie 8th Grade    
Shaffer, Kim 8th Grade
Ware, Brandon 8th Grade
Marshall, Amy 6th Grade (Long-term sub) 
Siguenza, Christopher 6th Grade
Ward, Thomas  7th Grade
Calzia, Sara 8th Grade
Morales, Patrick 8th Grade
 Social Studies
Statz, John 6th Grade 
Keller, Thomas 6th Grade 
Covert, Monique 7th Grade
Houston, Kenneth 7th Grade 
McCallie, Scott 8th Grade 
 Special Education, ESL, Intervention 
Bell, Theresa Special Education Teacher
Casey, Elyse Special Education Teacher
Charbonneau, Kristi Speech Therapist
Kingsley, Cassidy  ELL Intervention 
Hornback, Bailey Special Education Teacher
Hutchins, Monika Paraprofessional
Kerley, Janice SNN Paraprofessional 
Terrill, Kayla Paraprofessional
 Support Staff
Bangert, Brittany In-building Substitute
Jackson, Sherry In-building Substitute
 Lonergan, Mindi In-building Substitute
Graham, Katie Kitchen Manager
Glover, Garrett Head Custodian 
Perea, Carla Custodian
Ray, Lynne Custodian


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