Weld Central Middle School Staff

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   Administration/Front Office 
 Staff Member Name  Position   Website Link
Bauer, Rachel  Counselor Website
Branch, Julie Health Aide Website
Crowe, Karen Front Office Secretary  Website
Einerson, Jeff Assistant Principal Website
McMillan, Justin Principal Website
Thompson, Valarie Data Secretary/Registrar  Website
Williams, Shayli Social Worker Website
  Staff Member Name Position  Website Link
Duncan, Terran Physical Education  Website
Jefcoat, Eric STEM/Digital Media Website
Pryor, Courtney Physical Education   Website
Romero, Daria Band/Choir  Website
Slocomb, Jessica Art Website
 English Language Arts
 Staff Member Name  Position   Website Link
Garcia, Crystal 7th/ Grade ELA/Leadership Website
Kleynenberg, Lisa 6th Grade ELA/Social Studies Website 
Montano, Audrey 6th Grade ELA Website
Tabor, Allison  7th Grade ELA Website
Parizek, Sydney 8th Grade ELA Website
Turner, David 8th Grade ELA Website
 Staff Member Name  Position  Website Link
Anderson, Heidi   6th Grade Math Website 
Dornbos, Beka 7th Grade Math/Algebra 1 Website
Runyon, Suzette 8th Grade Math/Science Website 
Sutton, Jerad 7th Grade Math Website
Weems, Jacob 8th Grade Math Website
White, Hollie  6th Grade Math Website 
 Staff Member Name  Position   Website Link
Johnson, Robin 7th Grade Science Website
Calzia, Sara 7th/8th Grade Science Website
Mattson, Tyler 6th Grade Science Website
Morales, Patrick 8th Grade Science Website 
Siguenza, Christopher 6th Grade Science/Leadership Website
 Social Studies
 Staff Member Name  Position Website Link
Cieloha, Corissa 8th Grade Social Studies/Leadership Website
Covert, Monique 7th Grade Social Studies/Leadership Website
Dyer, Shane 6th Grade Social Studies Website
Hays, Tracy  7th Grade Social Studies Website
Keller, Thomas 6th Grade Social Studies/Anthropology  Website
Wellesley,Greg 8th Grade Social Studies Website
 Special Education, ESL, Intervention 
 Staff Member Name  Position   Website Link
Bange, Nanieta  Para  Website

Special Education Teacher Website
Casey, Elyse Special Education  Teacher Website
Cheesman, Dawn Math Intervention  Website 
Damour, Deanna Reading Intervention  Website
DeYoung, Katherine ELL Website
McCallie, Scott Special Education Teacher Website
Ramirez, Juanita  Para Website
Wycoff, Jane  Exceptional Services Website
 Support Staff
 Staff Member Name  Position   Website Link 
Brown, Emily  Library Para  Website 
Bye, Charlene Learning Facilitator  Website
Neri, Marisela Head Custodian  Website
Vestal, Margaret Head Cook Website

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